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Overcoming Linguistic,
Multigenerational and
Budgetary Challenges
in Hispanic Market
Advertising Research
Federation (ARF).
January, 2009

The Hispanic Market:
An Opportunity.
Federal Reserve Bank of
Atlanta. October, 2004

Advertising Section:
The New York Times.
April, 2004
Raul Perez, Ph.D., MBA
Update: June, 2012
Curiosity about people led me, like it has led many others, to pursue an advanced
degree in psychology. After completing my Ph.D. at Yale University, I w
orked in
nsumer research at a leading U.S. magazine publisher and at a global market
research firm. I engaged in a fair amount of survey research, and in
each position I
my employer transition from mail and telephone data collection to online data
collection. Because I was rather meticulous and good at languages, my last
promoted me a methodologist role in which I found ways to improve
survey r
esearch procedures in North America, South America, and Europe. After a
few years, still curious about people, I became an independent consumer research
consultant. Soon I began to moderate focus groups and to conduct individual
qualitative interviews. After nearly two hundred qualitative and quantitative projects
across many industries in the course of ten years, I have evolved into a
postresearcher, a consultant who brings value to clients because of his increasing
familiarity with their businesses and his past experience working
with consumers
directly. Strengthening this shift, I recently completed an MBA at the University of Florida.  

When not occupied with client or business projects, I find fun ways to maintain my proficiency in French, Portuguese,
and Spanish.  Five years ago I picked up piano as a hobby, and I am a fan of a few 19th and 20th century composers.
These days I am devoting a lot of time to the music of Federico Mompou.

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